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Newbottle Primary Academy

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Newbottle primary school

Forest School


Adventure Forest @ Newbottle gives children freedom to learn using all of their senses and encourages creative and imaginative thinking. This approach to learning builds children’s self-esteem and emotional intelligence through the use of the outdoor woodland environment.

Outdoor education provides powerful learning experiences which help children to develop a sense of place and a relationship with the environment and nature. The environment is a key tool in empowering learners and gives them responsibility, for example, by involving them in risk management they feel independent and make decisions about their learning.

Forest school allows your child to observe a new skill or activity and gives them the opportunity to select an activity of their choice focusing on their unique interests. By sharing new and exciting experiences with others such as camp fires, den making and team games, friendships will develop and children will support each other during activities. Adults facilitate learning and avoid ‘telling’ children what to do, but rather aim to adopt the role of supportive and encouraging adult, where observation is key.

Levels of self-esteem are increased by careful and appropriate use of praise and recognition of success. This is possible for all children as tasks are ‘small’ and ‘achievable’. This type of learning involves practical, hands-on experiences, which are of great benefit to kinaesthetic learners, i.e. children who learn better by doing. It is also great fun for children and teachers!

This year, all children will have the opportunity to take part in Forest School. We will be trying to link our Forest School skills to our learning in Science. Year 1 are currently taking part in Forest School, they are learning about the seasons as well as their senses. 


Do you have an interest in gardening and have an hour spare each week? We are looking for people who could help our children with gardening around the school. If you are interested, please contact Mrs Andrews. 

Forest School and Gardening Club

Each week the children take part in either forest or gardening activities. Since the club started, we have taken part in a range of activities:

  • We have identified the plants growing around the school as well as in the forest.
  • We have thought about how to improve our school grounds.
  • The children have been removing weeds from the planters in preparation for Autumn planting.
  • We have identified different flowers and vegetables that we could grow in school.
  • We are thinking about food that we can cook on the camp fire.